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PREORDER Better Bully Stick

Our Better Bully Sticks are back available for pre-order! We've spent the last two years sourcing and researching bully sticks, to come up with a better chew for your dog.

Preorder your Better Bully Sticks now to save up to 50%!

What makes them Better Bully Sticks?

We've found the perfect mix to create a better bully stick. As with all our products, we need to be comfortable giving it to our dogs, selling it to you, and your dog has to love it.

  • Sourced and made locally
  • Prepared in an inspected commercial kitchen which we have visited
  • Helps to promote healthy teeth and gums
  • Made from beef meat, beef skin, and beef pizzle
  • You don't have to explain to your kids what a bully stick is
  • Made from beef meat, beef pizzle, and beef skin

Other bully sticks and chews?

During our quest over the last two years to find bully sticks, we weren't happy with the options on the market, and they made us uncomfortable to sell to our customers. 

  • Locally sourced were expensive and inconsistent
  • We weren't comfortable selling a product we couldn't see made
  • Irradiation while clinically safe, still made us uncomfortable
  • Often times had a terrible smell
  • Questionable sustainability practices of South American beef
  • The actual source of a pizzle or bully stick made people uncomfortable
  • Other chews are filled with chemicals or low-quality ingredients 

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