Ten Pack of Treats Happen Beef Lung

Chosen by dogs as their favourite treat. And some cats too.

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Our best selling dog treat, single-ingredient beef lung is prepared slowly with care to remove moisture but lock in the flavour your dog will love. This 4oz bag remains fresh for up to two years, but once your dog or cat has a taste of the lung they will surely disappear quickly.

Sliced thin, it's easy to break up into small pieces for training, rewards, or distraction. It's true your dog will do handstands like Jasper for lung.  An average serving is about 2-3g which means there are about 100 servings in a bag, depending on how generous you are. We've even been known to eat a piece from time to time.

Treats Happen Beef Lung is better!

  • Light and easy to break up for training
  • Easily digested
  • Hypoallergenic appropriate for dogs with chicken sensitivities
  • Loved by picky eaters
  • Thinly sliced to break apart cleanly
  • Doesn't crumble
  • Makes a great food topper
  • Clean protein
  • Single ingredient, grain free dog treat

Natural dog treats you can trust.

  • Made from only 100% government inspected Canadian raised beef.  No preservatives, dyes, fragrances, chemicals, grains or any other crap.
  • Beef lung treats are perfect for dogs with delicate stomachs and soft enough to be enjoyed by older dogs or dogs with a few missing teeth.
  • If your dog doesn't love our beef lung, we'll buy it back from you.

Nutritional Value:

Calorie Content (calculated):

3039 kcal/kg
30 kcal per single treat

Guaranteed Analysis/Analyse garantie

Crude protein………Min 65.0%

Crude fat.…………..Min 5.1%

Crude Fiber…………Max 4.0%

Moisture…………….Max 9.56%

Ash………………….Max 5.0%

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