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Alaskan Cod Skin Mightys

Treats Happen

There is something Mighty fishy about our new Cod treats.

You've been asking us for a fish treat, and wow did we deliver! Your dog will love our pure, Alaskan Cod Skin treats.

What's Awesome?

  • Hypoallergenic dog treats. There are no unwanted ingredients like corn, soy, wheat, fillers or any other crap. And because there isn't any chicken or beef, they're the perfect treat if your dog has a sensitive tummy.
  • Our Alaskan Cod Skin treats are sustainably sourced through traceable sustainability initiatives and locally made.
  • Perfect for training and reward.

What's in them?

  • 100% Alaskan cod skin. That's it! We don't add in any preservatives or fillers. All of our cod is sustainably sourced and locally produced.
  • Each bag is 71g (2.5 ounces). This is about 80 servings.

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