Bulldog Collection - Limited Edition Just for English and French Bulldogs

Our customers' favourite treats.

We took our bulldog customer's favourite treats and made it a collection with a twist! We've added two free footlong bully sticks and a free English or French bulldog throw pillow case (only 10 of each!).

Most Popular treats

  • Two bags beef lung
  • Two bags duck feet
  • One bag beef liver

    Bulldog Bonus!

    • Two free footlong bully stick pizzles
    • Frenchie or English throw pillowcase (10 of each available)

      Natural dog treats you can trust.

      • Free of preservatives, dyes, fragrances, chemicals, or any other crap.
      • These our most popular treats. If your dog doesn't love them we will gladly replace them or buy them back.
      • Our bully sticks are sourced and dehydrated in Canada - not from South America or overseas. 
      • Not sure you want all these treats? Check out our reviews or try each treat individually.