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Jessica, Pharaoh, and Jade

I first discovered treats happen while searching online for all natural treats for my two dogs. They had a promotion on of a sample pack so I ordered it to see if my dogs would consider it high reward.they loved it and now I place orders for the boxes of mixed treats frequently. There are two things that keep me buying from treats happen. Their treats are loved by my dogs and are a high reward to them that they look forward to daily but most importantly is their customer service. They NEVER fail to go that extra mile by helping me mix up my order for the dogs, get back to me with any questions that I have and any special requests are accepted with enthusiasm. The fast shipping, the follow up on your package is just amazing and really shows not only do they care about healthy treats for dogs but the pup parents as well. Due to my experience with them even if the treats became available in my area I would still choose to order from them as the experience you receive from them is priceless.


I hope Treats Happen are around for days to come and look forward to supporting their healthy treat initiative one order at a time.

Amanda - Mocha and Bruce

My pups are raw fed and because of this, I'm always careful about what treats they get. We found treats happen and haven't looked back! They love the duck feet and beef liver! Every night before bed they go to the cupboard and wait patiently for their nightly duck foot treat!

Daniel - Walter the Pug

I've never seen Walter go so crazy for treats before. It's insane! He will literally cry at the cupboard because he knows that's where we keep our treats. Treats Happen is more than treats, it's dog crack!