F.A.Q. - Treats Happen Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your treats made?

All of our treats are made in Canada within a two hour drive of the Greater Toronto Area. We started in our own home but have quickly out grown our production capabilities. We work with a few different manufacturers to ensure our high quality standards are met.

Where are the ingredients for your treats sourced?

All of our treats use ingredients sourced in Canada and the USA, mostly sourced locally in Canada when we can.

Are your treats suitable for puppies?

Absolutely. Beef lung, our most popular treat is loved by dogs of all ages and is great for training with puppies. They can also teethe on our duck feet, chicken feet, and antlers.

Do you have any treats with dental benefits?

Dental treats work by giving your dog a hard chew. Duck feet, duck wing tips, chicken feet, and antlers are all natural dental chews.

Why doesn't, insert pet store here, carry your treats? 

That's a good question, if you have a store that you'd like to carry our treats, please contact us, and we will get in touch with them. You can view all the stores that carry here.

How long do your treats last once opened?

We have had treats opened for months however we expect they will be gone much quicker than that.