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Become a Treats Happen Retailer

Direct to You

We work directly with our retailers to cut out distributors who inflate prices, provide no retailer or brand support, and act like it's still 1986.

It's our belief that in 2019, stores should be able to easily order online, view products, and have ongoing support directly from brands like us. We don't waste money on hard printed catalogues or binders.

By working directly with out retail partners, we can provide you with better service, faster deliveries, and more sales support.

Better Retailer Support

We want our retailers to be as successful as possible, which is why we provide launch promotions, BOGO days, images for social media. We also provide you with samples for every dog who walks in your store.

From creating content to help you grow your social media presence, to line pricing and providing samples for your customers, we're here to support your store.

How can we help you grow and make Treats Happen your number one selling treat?

What Our Retailers Say

Not only do my bulldogs approve of the Treats Happen products, I love working with them as a company. After ordering through distributors with high minimums, slow service, and having to fax in orders, it's so refreshing to work with a company that actually cares about my success.

- Leah Kwan, Franchise Owner/Operator -