Treats Happen Amazon Prime

Beef Lung

Beef lung dog treats, our best seller is available on Amazon Prime. Over 90 portions per bag not only will your dog go crazy, beef lung is light and easy to digest.

Beef Liver

Your dog will go crazy for our beef liver dog treats. Thin sliced they're easy to break up into small pieces. Shop beef liver on Amazon Prime


One of our newest treats, Softies are quickly becoming very popular and there are over 150 pieces per bag.  Shop them on Amazon Prime.

Duck Feet Dog Treats

Duck Feet may look nasty but they're not only delicious they're exceptionally good for your dog. A hard chew they work as a natural dental chew to help promote healthy teeth and gums. They're also a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin which promotes healthy joins in your dog. 


We've teamed up with Amazon Prime to make it easier for you to buy Treas Happen. Add your treats to your existing order and they will all ship together. In addition to beef lung, beef liver, softies and duck feet, we also have our naturally shed Elk Antler on Amazon Prime and the last few containers of Simply Salve and Simply Complete.