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About Us - Story, Values, and Satisfaction Guarantee.

Riley and Lucas met in 2011 when Lucas noticed a picture of Riley's dog Diesel and shared some pictures and stories of his dog Dolly. What Riley and Lucas didn't realize on their first dog walk with Diesel in tow was that it was a set up for their whole lives to change for the better. Sadly, both Dolly and Diesel passed away in 2013. 

Later that year, Lucas and Riley became the proud parents of two Boxers: Bentley (brindle) and a few months later, Charlotte (white). With limited options at local pet stores for single-ingredient treats in quantities that would last their, Lucas and Riley began to make their own.

They were soon making treats for a few friends and family members, one of whom told a local pet store. As demand grew, they decided to create an online a store to sell their treats and to their surprise orders started to come in.

In early 2015, York, Charlotte's dad, heard they were making treats and decided he should help taste them so he moved in with Lucas and Riley. 

When Lucas was let go from his job in March 2015, they decided to attend the Canadian Pet Expo. With such great success that weekend Lucas and Riley were committed to Treats Happen, the passion they share for there company, customer, and high quality treats are remarkable.

Riley and Lucas would never sell a treats that they wouldn't regularly give to their three dogs.


Treats Happen History 


Our Mission and Guiding Values.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create happier, healthier dogs. We do this through our guiding values which impacts every decision we make.

Our Guiding Values



Our treats have to be tasty, if they aren't tasty nothing else matters. We are obsessed with making treats that dogs go crazy for. To make our treats as tasty as possible, we make them in small batches and fresh to order. Quality and freshness is the key to taste that will win over any picky eater. 


Treats shouldn't make your dog overweight or have any undue impact on their health. Just because it's a "treat" doesn't mean that it's acceptable to load up your dog with flour and sugar.

It also means natural. the term "natural dog treats" gets thrown around a lot but to us, natural means single or limited ingredients. No preservatives, salts, colours, chemicals, or fillers. Too many treats are marketed as natural or organic but contain organic sugar or corn. Even adding in apples is a way to cut your main product with a sugary additive. If it's natural crap, it's still natural.  


There are far too many recalls for pet products that could harm or even kill your pet. We sell products tested by our own dogs, and only what we'd feel comfortable giving them. We only make and sell treats and products we're comfortable giving to our dogs. 

Open and Transparent

We believe in being honest and transparent with our customers which is why we share our marketing, vision, and strategy which is why we're If you have a question we're happy to ask

Giving Back

We have been fortunate enough to have been helped out by others and we like to give back. We regularly donate treats, money, and help to promote rescue partners through our social channels.

If you purchase treats for a rescue, let us know in the notes and we will add a treat donation to your order. We're a small company, we feel it's important for all companies to give back and to encourage others to do the same.

We also feel it's important for businesses to work together. If you ever need a hand, please reach out to us. We believe businesses should build bridges not battle with bullets.

Treats Happen Values

Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee 

If you or your dog don't love your treats, please contact us and we will make it right.