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Beef Minis

Treats Happen

Mighty good beef.

We took our most popular treat, improved it, and added a new cut.

What's new?

  • Enhanced production process using a proprietary¬†air-drying technology. This ensures food handling safety, important with any meat product, but also locks in flavour and nutrition.
  • Smaller pieces. We took our¬†standard pieces of beef treats and sliced them for you. This makes them easier to carry with you, and makes the bag last longer (to the dismay of our accounting team).
  • The all-new Mini the smallest single ingredient dehydrated dog treat on the market. Perfect for puppies, training, and food topping.

What's in them?

  • Beef, and that's it. We don't add in any preservatives or fillers. All of our beef is locally sourced.
  • Each bag is 85g (3 ounces). This is about 100 servings.

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