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10 Things Only Boxer Moms Will Understand

10 Things Only Boxer Moms Will Understand

December 19, 2016 0 Comments

10 things you have to be a boxer parent to understandWe're boxer parents, so we know all too well these 10 things.

1. Boxers are giant puppies!

Two boxers playing outside

It doesn't matter how old your boxer is they love to play! Even York, our sofa softy, loves to go outside and play. Or stay inside and play.

2. The chiclets!

Boxer underbite showing teeth

Boxers are known for their underbites. Our Bentley has some of the nicest teefs in the world.

3. Sun's out, tongues out!

Boxer asleep with his tongue out

Sometimes it doesn't matter if the sun is out or not, York will fall asleep with his tongue out.

4. All boxers are part human.

Boxer on his hind legs looking through the fence

Bentley gazes through the fence on his hind legs. 

5. Boxers can talk!

Boxer dog growling

What do you think Athena is saying? Get me more beef lung Uncle Pa!

6. Just ask Luke the Boxer.

 That's enough, Luke! 

7. Boxers Love to Cuddle

Luke the boxer cuddling with his sister


8. Boxers are actually lap dogs.

Boxer lap dog

Mom, stop working and order me some Treats Happen!

9. They always look like they just found out how much debt they're in.

Boxers always look like they just found out how much debt they're in

Don't worry Athena, it's just Monopoly money! You don't have to sell your real estate investments.

10. Boxers rule, their jowls drool!

Boxer jowl dripping

In 0.5 seconds boxer jowl bubbles will appear!


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Photos 1-5,9,10 pictures of our dogs, you can follow on Instagram. 6-7 were from Luke The Boxer. Image 8 Andy Hairs on Flickr.

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