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October 12, 2016


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Rottweiler Halloween costumes - Some of the greatest pet costumes ever

Rottweiler Halloween CostumesLast year we did costume posts for Boxers, Frenchies, and Great Danes. This year we're going to start another one of our favour breeds, Rottweilers. All of these costume ideas were found on Pinterest.

Beanie Baby

Beanie Baby Dog Costume

This costume seems to be making the rounds this year and why not? It's classic, cute, and nostalgic.

A proper gentleman

Gentleman Rottweiler Dog Costume

Proper gentleman or Chip N Dale costume? Either way this guy is very handsome.


Ghost Rottweiler Costume

This might not be the most practical costume for doing out trick or treating, but it's darn cute. Who need to leave the house for treats when you can just order treats online.

Rottweiler in a pumpkin

Rottweiler in a pumpkin

This isn't a costume so much as a really cute Halloween picture.

Mob Boss

Rottweiler Mob Boss Costume

Here is a costume for those that want to rock Halloween - like a boss!


Rottweiler Star Wars Costume

There might be some photo magic happening but this Rottweiler in a hoodie looks right out of Star Wars.


Reindeer Rottweiler Costume

This is a simple DIY costume but it's darn cute and works until Christmas.

Steampunk Rottweiler Costume

Steampunk Rottweiler Costume

This artists rendition is pretty cool!

Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker


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December 27, 2016

Please please please post some pictures of your rottie pack walk on Pinterest. This post was very cute but I would love to see a pack walk.

shelly froehlich
shelly froehlich

November 06, 2016

our rottie rescue has a halloween pack walk every year where 50-100 rotties put on their costumes and we take them for a pack walk. wish i could attach some pictures here


October 26, 2016

I would love to win I don’t win any thing so hope I do ?

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