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INFOGRAPHIC 19 Dog Walkers Give Practical Tips on How To Have a Better Trained Dog

INFOGRAPHIC 19 Dog Walkers Give Practical Tips on How To Have a Better Trained Dog

March 27, 2017 0 Comments

19 Dog Walkers share their best tips for better trained dogs making for happier humans and puppers alike. We put the top 9 themes into this dog training infographic below.

9 Tips from dog walkers on how to have a better behaved dog.

Deborah Gabbert, Rex Treks

Reward good behaviours, such as paying attention or remaining calm, whether or not you have asked for it. When you reward good behaviour with treats, praise or play, dogs learn to offer good behaviour more often.


Kate McCue, Kate's Canines, LLC

You get what you pet. Be aware of when you give affection--you may subconsciously be encouraging bad behaviour!

Kyle, Simply Yours Concierge

A properly fitted harness can reduce pulling on the leash.


Angel Medina, Paws & Pals

My favourite training tip is leash control. Stand up straight, nice and tall, arms relaxed with a loose but firm grip on the leash. The dog should walk next to you or behind but never ahead you. A 12 to 18-inch slack on the leash is best.


Emily Cohn, Emster’s Paws

Use gentle leaders for dogs who pull.


Jose Menendez, K9 Experts

Reward good behaviour and ignore the bad.


Jen, Jen's Pet Services

Stay calm and confident. And trust your dog.


Magda Faria, Brick City Paws

Be consistent and use positive reinforcement - making it fun and beneficial for the dog every single walk.


Debbie Moon, Pampered Pooch Dog Walking

Keep training fun and upbeat! You and your dog will enjoy bonding during the activity and it'll make learning easier.


Chris, Uncle Puppy

Consistency is key!

Martin Apablaza, WufSter

On a strict walk, a dog is attached only at the heel. This arrangement doesn’t accomplish the relief or happiness a walk should have. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a walk that's too relaxed allows the dog to eat anything off the ground or lunge at passersby. Our walks are the perfect balance between work and play, consistently packed with love!


Tara Cook, SouthPaw Dog Walking

Patience and timing are the keys to positive reinforcement. Keep your commands simple and consistent.


Robyn, In Home Pet Services

Place a wet towel in the freezer to create a teething toy for puppies.

Reduce separation anxiety by not making a big deal out of leaving and coming home.


Audra Gullo, Tails of New York

Keep your dog engaged and reinforce good behaviour.


Carol Hernandez, BritishCanineAcademy.com

You do not need a trainer for 10 sessions.  You need someone who can show you what to do so once they leave, you have all the tools you need.


Belen, Furry Tails

If your dog won’t do what you want him to do, go back to the step where he was successful. And be patient!


Asha Olivia, Hoby Dogy

Dogs are verbal and visual learners. Give every verbal command a unique hand signal.


Vlado Mudrak, Vlado's Dog Walking



Rupak Bhattacharya, Pawsitive Reinforcement

ALWAYS... provide pawsitive reinforcement!

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