Changes to Treats Happen - July 1st 2016

July 02, 2016 0 Comments

Changes to Treats Happen - July 1st 2016

New sizes, new prices, new treats!

In response to excellent feedback from our customers, we’re really excited to announce a few changes to our current products and a couple of new products

All Treats Happen core items are now the same price.

We’ve switched to line pricing in all our packaged treats which means they’re all the same price. It’s now clearer how much items cost, particularly in stores and when you buy from us at events.

Product Sizes are Changing

We heard you when you commented that the bags held more treats than you needed, so we adjusted product sizes accordingly to meet our new line pricing and still give you high value treats.

  • Beef lung, increase of 5g per bag, no price change
  • Sweet potato chips, increase of 5g per bag, slight price increase to $12.99
  • Duck feet, now 10 pieces per bag, price lowered to $12.99
  • Chicken feet, stay the same at 10 pieces per bag at $12.99
  • Duck wing tips, decrease to 15 pieces, price lowered to 12.99
  • Beef liver, decrease to 170g, price lowered to $12.99


Thinner sliced beef lung and beef liver

Dogs go crazy for our beef lung and beef liver treats. The one thing we heard is that our customers would like the treats to be thinner. Done! We’ve found a way to make both lung and liver thinner meaning you get more servings per gram, and your dog gets more treats per bag. That’s a win-win all day long.

Moving buy 3 get 1 free back to the products, adding a case option for each product, streamlining collections

A couple of months ago we moved the buy 3 get 1 free product size to it's own product listing under the bundles selection. But because people were missing out on the deal, we're moving it back to the product. We’re also calling it the Five Pack (half a case) and the Ten Pack (Full case) variation.

We've also streamlined our Most Popular and Supersize collections to make them easier to navigate.

Two new treats

Many customers ask for a soft treat for their dog. For a limited time we’re adding two limited ingredient treats. Softies (a soft treat) and Crunchies (a tasty treat that snaps apart). Let us know if you like them and if we should keep them on our full roser.

Should they stay or should they go?

We're on the fence about beef trachea bites and tendons. Both are very labour intensive to produce and we're unsure if we'd be able to produce them in quality in a large batch. If your dog loves them, let us know in the comments below, or send us an email -