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February 08, 2016


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11 Reasons to make a Rottweiler your Valentine

Your Rottie is the best Valentine you could ask for and with Valentine's day is just around the corner, have you entered our contest yet to win some treats for your Rottweiler? 

 11 Reasons to Make a Rottweiler your Valentine

They'll protect you.

Even when they're being stubborn they're cure

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Tricks like this

They love when you get them an Antler Chew

You can come home to dinner being prepared

You always have someone to go on a road trip with

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Or camping with

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Or walking with

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Majestic photo opportunities every day

They'll play with your friends

And their friends

They'll grow old with you

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Win a Treats Happen gift code or treat collection for your Rottweiler.


Valentine's Day

Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker


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