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17 Dogs who know how to celebrate their birthdays

Birthday celebrations for dogs

If you thought people where the only ones that know how to celebrate their Birthdays, you where wrong.  These 17 dogs really know how to pawty. We sourced these images from Pinterest. 

How about a little nose candy to start

Dog with sprinkle nose


The Rad Hatter

Lab with Party Hats


Say Cheese!

Smiling dog with green cake

It's MY party and i'll yell if I want to

Greyhound Party Hat

Wait how did a pig get here..oh well who doesn't love a Birthday Pig

Pig Birthday


Is that CAKE for ME!!!

black dog with cake eyes!


Say Cheese

Smiling Dog


Just let the cake go and no one gets hurt

boxer with cake


Happy Birthday to me!

Westie with cupcake

Sharing cake with friends is so much fun

Dog sharing cake


Sometimes not sharing is fun too

Bull dog in field with cake


Cake Coma

Cake Coma


Dog Cake or Real dog?

Westie Cake


Can I have it, can I have..tell me OK



It's my Birthday

dog with Birthday Bone


I'll huff and puff and blow this candle out



Who forgot the cake?

Bulldog party

This Pawesome cake!





Valentine's Day
Riley Wallbank
Riley Wallbank


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