11 Reasons to make a Greyhound your Valentine

February 03, 2016 0 Comments

11 Reasons to make a Greyhound your Valentine

Greyhounds, needle noses,  45mph couch potatoes. We love them all! There is something special about the way they come and lean up against you. We highly recommend adopting a retired racer from groups like GRA or After The Track and working with groups like the Greyhound Trust and Alliance.


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11 Reasons to make a Greyhound your Valentine 

They enjoy a day at the spa

They have the best teef

Those eyes

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They make greyt company

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They're high performance athletes 

Nobody wears a martingale collar this well

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The Cutest Tongue out Tuesdays

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Photos like this

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They can be friends with anybody

They listen to all your stories 

They get really comfortable when they sleep

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