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14 Reasons Boxers make the best Valentine

14 Reasons Boxers make the best Valentine

January 30, 2016 0 Comments

Are you spending Valentine's Day with your Boxer? We are! Boxer's may seem rough and tough on the outside but if you're not careful they'll steal your heart! Don't forget to enter our Valentine's day contest.

14 Reasons for a Boxer Valentine

They'll always listen to your stories

You have someone to cuddle with after a long day

Those eyes tho

There's always a spot on the couch for you

You can take a nice bath together

They always find your jokes funny

They're hard working

They make the best cuddlers

No matter how much you love them they always love you more

You always have someone to play with

Starbucks is always an option

They're not afraid to get dirty

They give you a shoulder to cry on, even when they're on your shoulder

You always have a protector by your side


Enter to win a gift code or grand prize treat basket for your Boxer.

Valentine's Day

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