10 Dogs with cooler winter jackets than you.

January 17, 2016 0 Comments

10 Dogs with cooler winter jackets than you.

Ten Dogs Who Dress Better Than You

Now that winter is here it can be cold for your dog out on a walk. When the temperature drops it's important to take care of your dog out in the cold. That includes less out in the cold at a time, dressing appropriately with a jack and boots, and wiping paws after walks. Just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't look great. Here are 10 dogs looking dapper out in the cold.

Marcel The Frenchie @Marcel_The_Frenchbulldog


Marcell the Frenchie Instagram. 

You may recognize Marcel as one of our treat models, and from our Pizzle blog post with his exceptionally large pizzle. Here he is modeling a Canada Pooch jacket. 

Canine Cohen @CanineCohen

Canine Cohen New York Dog Trainer

From New York City, dog trainer Jason Cohen knows how to look stylish while training outside.

Lincolin from Scotland @Link_The_Iggy

Lincoln The Iggy from Instagram wearing his jacket

All the way from Scotland, Lincoln the Iggy looks warm and stylish in his bomber jacket and Martingale collar.

First snow of the year. @kendallarae

Kendallarae on Instagram's dogs playing in the first snowfall of the year.

These two are playing in the first snowfall of the year. Ever wonder how the snow changes smells for dogs?

Frankie wearing his jacket in the car on a cool day. @peepandgoFrankie the Frenchie wearing his jacket on a cold evening

We bet Frankie wants his mom to crank the heat in the car.

Keeping dry in the cold rain. @TwinCorgiBrothers

 Twin Corgi Brothers From Instagram wearing their raincoats

These two Corgi brothers from the San Francisco Bay area are staying warm and dry! 

Ollie the Boston Terrier @tori.vaccher

Ollie Boston Terrier Sitting on a Bench

Ollie is smart. Not only is he staying warm in his jacket, he's keeping his paws warm off the ground.

Lilly The Doberman @Marcel_The_Frenchbulldog

Lilly the Doberman keeping Warm

Lilly is Marcel's older and slightly larger Doberman sister. Here she is keeping warm and stylish in her red coat.

Diesel the official store dog of Kennel Cafe @_dieselthebugg

Diesel The Bugg on InstagramDiesel is known as the shop dog at Kennel Cafe in Toronto. He also loves his Treats Happen! Here he is playing outside in the snow in his Canada Pooch jacket.

York out for a walk in the park @treatshappen

York Treats Happen Wearing his Jacket