11 Ways our dog's lives would change if we won the Powerball.

January 12, 2016 0 Comments

11 Ways our dog's lives would change if we won the Powerball.

The Powerball is hitting a record 1.5 Billion (and growing) jackpot. We bought a few tickets and are going to give away $10M if we win, but we'd also spend a lot of it spoiling our pups. 

We'd fly around the world.

Dog on a private jet. White English Bulldog

Traveling with dogs can be tough. Of course this wouldn't be an issue once we can afford our own private jet we'd name Treat Force One. Image via Rich Dogs of Instagram.

Harry Potter would be our dog walker.

Daniel Radcliffe Walking Dogs

It's no secret that Daniel Radcliffe loves his dogs, but with $1.4 billion, we'd hire him to come and walk ours. He can bring his pack on Treat Force One.

Our current dog house would be a dog mansion

Dog mansion dog house

We love our dog house, we call it Bentley's club house but when we win the Powerball it would be a teardown and become a dog mansion.

Complete with an indoor dog park.

Indoor dog park

It might not be in our back yard, but we would definitely build an indoor play facility.

And it would have a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool for Dogs

The perfect way to cool off on a hot day. We'd have to fill it with balls on our guy's birthday.

Our home would have a washing off station

In Home Dog Wash Station

If they don't get clean in the pool, Charlotte, York, and Bentley would get nice and clean when coming in the house with their own shower by the door.

They would have their own private chef.

Raw dog food prepared by a private chef

Beyond their private chef we'd also have a nutritionalist on staff. 

Best dressed dogs


    It's not procrastinating if you're drinking coffee. It's 'procaffinating'. ☕️ _____ Watch by @amantwatches

    A photo posted by Remix the Dog (@remixthedog) on




    We love our pal Remix The Dog, and quite frankly we think he's the best dressed dog out there. All that would change once we win the Powerball though.

    We'd still sleep together.

    Walk up Dog Bed

    Just on much more comfortable bedding. We'd fill our guys with The Dog Bed from World of Angus and a custom cover.


    We'd thank our customers with novelty cheques.

    Giant Novelty Cheque

    If we won the Powerball we'd give every one of our customers $10,000 as a little way of saying thank you! 

    There would be a lot of empty shelters and rescues

    Empty Dog Shelter in Texas after adoption drive

    This was from a shelter in Texas after all the dogs were adopted. If we won the Powerball we'd make sure a lot of dogs had homes and were all well fed.

    If you won the Powerball, what would you do for your dogs?