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November 04, 2015


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9 Reasons why dogs are great for kids - Treats Happen

9 Reasons why kids need dogs - Treats Happen

There are many reasons why dogs are great for kids. Some scientific, some anecdotal, and some just downright cute. Growing up as children with dogs, Riley and I wouldn't have it any other way, but it's not just us. Here are our top 9 reasons why every child should grow up with a dog!

1. Dogs are fun!

Dogs are fun! 
Source: Pinerest

If for no other reason than pure enjoyment, dogs are fun to have around the house, especially for children.

2. They listen to your stories

 Dogs listen to your stories and can make a great reading partner for children
Source: Pinterest

This might be true as an adult as well, but as a kid, sometimes you just want somebody to listen to you. Nobody is a better listener than your dog. As a bonus, dog's make great reading buddies.

3. Dogs cheer you up when you're feeling down

Dogs cheer you up when you're sad.
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Somehow dogs just know when you're hurt. Maybe you have a boo boo, or maybe you didn't do well in art class. Either way, they know not to play rough with you.

4. It gets them out of the house!

 Dogs get children out of the house
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Most kids, or at least the ones I knew, didn't want to be outdoors too much. This all changed if it meant going for a ramble with Dolly, our family dog growing up. The same is true or children today. They may not want to go for a family hike, but they'll probably go for a family dog walk. Especially if they get the leash!

5. Better health for your child

Living with a dog can promote better health in your child 

There have been numerous studies that show a child who grows up in a dog friendly house is less likely to have asthma and allergies. People with pets also tend to go to the doctor less often.

6. Dogs teach children a lot of things

Dogs can teach children a lot of things. One of many reasons dogs are great for children 
Source: Pinterest

Compassion, responsibility, boundaries, socialization. All of these are important for kids, and they can all be taught by a dog. 

7. It gives the child a job

 Dogs give children responsibility and a job
Source: Pinterest

Growing up, the thing that I, like many children wanted was to be treated like an adult. A big part of that is having responsibilities. Maybe it's letting the dogs out at night, cleaning up the backyard or feeding them, regardless of the task, having a dog makes children feel a part of the back, and gives them a job.

8. Dogs reduce stress and anxiety

 Dogs can help reduce stress and anxiety in children
Source: Pinterst

I'm sure we would all love to go back and be kids again, but we often forget how stressful it can be to be a kid. Dogs, and pets in general, help to relieve this stress for children.

9. Siblings bond better with dogs

Siblings with dogs bond better
Source: Distractify/Dogvacay

Siblings don't always get along, but one thing is for sure. Siblings with dogs bond over shared responsibilities and even just as a common playmate.

Did you grow up with a dog?

Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker


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