Keeping your dog happy on Halloween

October 31, 2015 0 Comments

Keeping your dog happy on Halloween

Happy Halloween! With all kinds of vampires, werewolves, and minions coming to the door it can be quite disruptive to your dogs.  Here are four easy tips to help keep your dog happy and safe on Halloween.

 Keeping your dog safe on Halloween

1. Tire them out early in the day

Some dogs think that every time the doorbell rings they can save you from the mailman, politicians or in Halloween's case, children trying to rob the house of all the candy. While we're grateful for all the protection, on halloween it's OK for dozens of children to knock on the door. 

Take your dog out for a nice long walk or and extra play session earlier in the day so people coming to the door don't scare them.

2. Keep dogs away from the action and open doors

There are many reasons to keep dogs and strange children separated. Dogs may look at them as a giant stuffy toy and try to play with them, the children may try to give the dog a "treat". If you have children who aren't used to your dogs coming around it's best to keep them separate in another room or their crate. They'll be happier if they're tired from a nice long run earlier in the day.

3. Keep your ID tags on your dog

If you normally take your dogs collar off in the house, you may want to consider leaving it on tonight, especially with your contact information on it. With so many people coming to the house and opening and closing the door, it increases the chance of them escaping. All the more reason to keep them away from the door!

4. Keep Halloween candy safely away

If you have an increase in candy at the end of the night, make sure it's stored safely out of your dogs reach. You don't want them to eat a candy or chocolate that could be toxic to them.

Don't forget to pick up some treats for any trick or treating dogs coming to the door.