Hope that's not a rawhide - 5 reasons why you should quit rawhides and 3 safe alternatives

October 27, 2015 0 Comments

Hope that's not a rawhide - 5 reasons why you should quit rawhides and 3 safe alternatives

Whenever someone posts a picture of their dog with a rawhide dog chew someone else inevitably comments "I hope that isn't a rawhide." We know rawhides aren't good for dogs, but why aren't they, and what can I give my dog instead?

Rawhide deadly chew toy Rodney Habib

Image Credit to Pet Blogger Rodney Habib


There is nothing raw about them

The "meat" in a rawhide doesn't even come from a beef processing facility, but from a tannery where leather goods are processed. Rawhides are animal hides sent to become leather goods like purses and car seats and have been heavily treated with chemicals in the process. The term processed-hide would be much more appropriate.

Chemicals from separation

Tanneries process hides to separate the layers - the higher quality outer layers going into leather goods with the lower quality inner layers being saved for rawhide dog treats. How do they separate these layers? With many chemicals including sodium sulphite, and bleach to disinfect them. This is in addition to preservatives used before the hides get to the tannery.

How to make glue from Rawhide Dog chew


Image Credit to Pet Blogger Rodney Habib

No nutritional benefits

Because of all the heavy processing, there are no nutritional benefits in a rawhide dog chew. 

Choking hazard, digestive blockage, gastrointestinal problems

As rawhides soften, the dog often attempts to swallow it. Sometimes in large pieces that will get caught in their throat which can be a serious choking hazard. Once swallowed rawhides are hard to digest which means that they can cause digestive blockages or gastrointestinal problems. 

Any dental benefits quickly disappear.

People buy rawhides believing they have dental benefits. However as your dog's chewing softens the rawhide, it loses any benefits that it might have had. Dental benefits comes from being a hard chew that works the gums and helps to clean teeth.

What is a safe alternative?

Of course we're biased because providing your dog with tasty, healthy, and most importantly safe treats was a big reason that we started Treats Happen.

Crunchy treat - Duck Feet

If you're looking for a nice crunchy treat, check out our duck feet. They're filled with nutritional goodness including glucosamine and chondroitin for joints. Their hard texture makes them great for teeth and gums, but because they're mostly cartilage dogs with missing teeth can enjoy them too.

Mid-length chew - 100% Canadian Beef Pizzle

If you want a treat that will last a little bit longer than a duck foot, we recommend one of our beef pizzles. We already covered what makes a good pizzle. If you have a teething dog or want to get them a special treat, we recommend one of our pizzles.

Long-lasting chew - Naturally Shed Elk Antler

If your dog that just loves to chew, we recommend the Elk Antlers. The split antlers are by far the most popular, and like the duck feet they're filled with nutrients.