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15 Frenchies who are winning at Halloween

15 Frenchies who are winning at Halloween

October 22, 2015 0 Comments

15 Frenchie Halloween Costumes

We're continuing our dogs in costume series with 15 adorable Frenchies. We started with Boxer and Great Dane Halloween costumes. 

There is just something about these Frenchies in Costumes that makes them win at Halloween. All of these images were found via Pinterest.

1. Darth Frenchie

Darth Vader Frenchie Costume

Hooman! I'm not your father!! Maybe a Yoda Frenchie costume would be more suitable.

2. French (Bulldog) Toast.

French Toast Frenchie Costume

Ha Ha! Get it? French toast!! Too Funny.

3. Rudolph The Red Nosed Frenchie

Reindeer Frenchie Costume

Love your Frenchie? Give them the best treats possible!

We hope it isn't too early for Christmas, but Rudolph was to cute not too include.

4. 5. Bats

 Bat Frenchie CostumeBat Frenchie Costume

Bats in real life? Scary. Cute little black Frenchies with wings? Adorable.

6. Harry PotterHarry Potter Frenchie Costume

What is this Frenchie's favourite spell? Accio Beef Lung! Think it will summon some of our beef lung?

7. Royal with Cheese 

Cheeseburger Frenchie Costume

Do you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France? A Royal with cheese. That's why this Frenchie is a Royal with cheese.

Batman and Robin Frenchie and Pug costume

Bruce Frenchie aka Batman and his trusty sidepug Robin work hard to make sure the streets of Gotham are safe.

9. Chiapet

Chiapet Frenchie Costume

Remember Cha Cha Cha Chiapet? They're still around and even have an Obama Chiapet.

10. Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster Treat Monster

He might be the cookie monster, but we think this Frenchie is more likely to say "Me want beef lung! om nom nom nom nom."

11. Giraffe 

Giraffe Frenchie CostumeThis costume gives your Frenchie the height they just never had.

12. Dinosaur

Dinosaur Frenchie Costume

This Frenchie isn't extinct. Just exhausted. 

14. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Donut Frenchie Costume

This Frenchie loves donuts so much he went and got a job at Krispy Kreme! Actually, he prefers his natural dehydrated Treats Happen.

15. Pope

Pope Frenchie Costume

Had to save the best costume for last!

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