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October 19, 2015


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21 Great Danes with better costumes than you.

Everyone knows Great Danes for their size and reputation for being great in small spaces. Here are 21 Danes who don't want to do tricks, they just want the treats. We searched Pinterest for the cutest, scariest, funniest and most creative Great Dane Costumes.

1. Racehorse and jockey.

Race horse and jockey costume for dogs

This is the cutest costume if your Dane has a friend to go trick or treating with.

2. Zeebra - Painted on

Zebra Great Dane CostumeThis costume is only recommended if you live in an area which will still be warm enough to wash outside.

3. Zeebra jacket

Zeebra great dane jacket costume

This costume is much better if you live in a cooler climate.

4. Witch

Witch Great Dane Costume

There is just something too cute about big dogs in tutus and hats.

5. Wicked Witch of the beast

Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz dog costume

Watch for falling houses. We bet this dog doesn't chew up shoes. She clicks her paws together three times when she's ready to head home from the park. 

6. Unicorn

Unicorn great dane dog costume

Horses are always popular great dane costumes, but sometimes you need something a little bit more majestic. 

7.8. Scooby Doo!

Scooby Doo Great Dane CostumeScooby Doo Great Dane Costume

It's been over a decade since the Scooby Doo film came out, and far longer since the TV series aired. That doesn't mean your dane won't be instantly recognizable as Scooby Do. Don't forget to get your dehydrated Scooby snacks.

9. Clown

Clown Great Dane Costume

Clowns are scary. Big dogs can be scary. This Great Dane dressed as a clown is just downright cute.

10. Super Dane

Super Hero Great Dane Costume

This isn't just a Great Dane, this is a Super Dane.

11. Crawling with Spiders

Great Dane Spiders Costume

You look down to see your dane having an itch. Nothing unusual until you see that they're crawling with spiders! 

12. Hippie

Hippie Great Dane Costume

Hey dude - want to pass the kong? 

Don't forget to stock up on healthy munchies for your dog.

13. 14. Lion

Great Dane Lion Costume

Lion Great Dane Costume

ROAR! These aren't your cowardly lions.

15. Skeleton

Skeleton Great Dane Costume

You don't see many skeleton's at Halloween dances. They find it hard to find any body to dance with! They're is actually a skelton motorcycle gang, they're bone to be wild! If you found those jokes funny you might be a skeleton as I tickled your funny bone. Ha ha!

16. Camel

.Camel Great Dane Costume

Bonus points if Halloween falls on a Wednesday.

17. Moo Cow

Cow Great Dane Costume

Reminds us of one of our favourite sayings. Got Treats?

18. Wild West

Cowboy Great Dane Costume

With this costume you reserve the right to pull up to the saloon and grab some of the finest scotch to whet your whistle. Just need to find a spot with Great Dane parking.

19. Dane Vader

Great Dane Darth Vader Costume

These aren't the treats you're looking for.

20. Headless Horseman or is that Headless Daneman?

Headless horseman Great Dane Halloween costume

We don't know if this dog is a Dane for sure, but this is a pretty amazing costume. Our dogs wouldn't put up with this, would yours?

21. Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin Great Dane Duo

Keeping Gotham safe, and keeping neighbourhoods free of cat burglars.

Are you dressing up your dog for Halloween? 

Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker


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March 27, 2017



January 22, 2017

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January 21, 2017

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January 10, 2017

And Polly, I think you’re just jealous because you don’t know your dog breeds, I bet you thought the Dalmatian was actually a Great Dane. I mean come on.


January 10, 2017

Really Polly? I’m just saying what breed they are. I never said you don’t know what breed these other dogs are, I’m just pointing it out. I love Great Danes, and I know what they do and don’t look like. I actually have one.


January 10, 2017

I really want to know how I’m being mean, it’s not like I said they were like ugly. How old are you, Shona. Like 8? I’m just pointing out that they aren’t Great Danes.


December 25, 2016

I ? the Great Dan costume’s.


November 23, 2016

Hey Audrey its still very cute so stop being mean.


November 23, 2016

I think every picture is super cute its so amazing that i met do this for Halloween next year.


October 31, 2016

Everyone else knows they aren’t Danes too people. No great knowledge share.


October 16, 2016

And the dog in photo #12 looks like a Weimaraner.


October 16, 2016

#21, #20, and #11 aren’t Danes. The dogs in photo #21 are both Dobermans. The dog in photo #20 looks like a Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rottweiler mix. And the dog in photo #11 looks like a Dalmatian.


September 27, 2016

I’m pretty positive number 11 is an actual dalmation, and I am 100% positive number 21 are Dobermans. I don’t know what number 20 is. Either way the costumes are awesome!


September 06, 2016

and #21 are definitely not Danes.

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