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47 cute, fun, and scary Halloween costumes for your Boxer

47 cute, fun, and scary Halloween costumes for your Boxer

October 11, 2015 0 Comments

Boxers are fun to dress up, and what better time to dress up than Haloween? We scoured Pinterest, a few Facebook groups, and asked for submissions on our Facebook Page to find the best Boxer Halloween costumes.

47 Halloween Costumes for your Boxer

Some were store bought, some were home made but all are cute, fun, and maybe a little big scary.

Would you like to win a $250 Treat Basket? We're giving one away to celebrate our White Boxer Charlotte's second birthday, and it's free to enter! 

1. Scuba Diver 

Scuba Diver Dog Costume

We aren't sure he's dressed as Scuba Steve or Scuba Sam, but we love this scuba diver costume! Our Boxers wouldn't last very long with the flippers on their feet though.

2. Pirate

Pirate Dog Costume

There are many pirate costume, but we can't think that this one is exceptionally well done. 

3. Boxer

Boxer dog costume for Boxer

This one might be a little bit obvious, but if you have head gear, some trunks, and gloves, a boxer costume is a great idea for your Boxer Dog.

4. Woody from Toy Story

Woody toy story Dog Costume

This is a great costume if you have two dogs, or are going tick or treating. Hopefully the door you knock on has some duck feet treats for your boxer!

5. Superman! (Or Super Boxer)

Superman Boxer Costume

Your dog really is Super Man, but they might only be able to show their true colours once a year.

6. Superwoman

You can't have Superman without Superwoman!

7. Police Officer and Convict

Police officer and convict dog costume

This is a great costume if are having people over and need to crate your dogs. It's also a fun idea if you're working somewhere dog friendly. 

8. Headless Horseman, err Headless Dogman

Headless Horseman dog costume

This costume works well with your Boxer's harness (if you use one). As a bonus if the pumpkin lights up, it can give you some extra visibility on a dark night.

9. Cute Country Boy

An old pair of jeans, some boots and a plaid shirt and your could have a cute country boy, even if you live in the city!

10. Classic Redneck

Redneck dog costume

Complete with "treat belly", this is a cute redneck costume for your Boxer.

11. Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Dog Costume

This may require a small child to accompany your Boxer, but something about the Boxer Breed makes them a natural fit to play beasts and lions. 

We don't know many treats, but we can certainly help you with the treats!

12. Upper Management Boxer

Business Boxer Dog Costume

Have a dog friendly office? Dress up your boxer for the job they want, not the one they have and bring them to the next board meeting. Unless of course your dog's job is official the official Treats Happen tester.

13. Angel

Angel Boxer dog costume

There will be times when you're sure they're possessed by the devil, but you know that your boxer will always be your angel. Maybe they're your day to day guardian, but on Halloween let them dress up as your guardian angel.

14. Batdog

Batdog Boxer Costume

With the tradition of cropped ears, the Batman costume works so well with Boxer dogs. The only question is, who would be Robin?

15. Cerberus (the three headed dog from Harry Potter)

Cerberus boxer costume

This requires far more skill than we have, (we'll stick to making the treats) but if you have the talent this is an amazing costume! 

16. Antoine DogsonAntoine Dobson Antoine Dogson Haloween Costume

Even though this costume may have been more relevant a few years ago, Antoine Dogson will still get a few laughs. The dog version of Antoin Dobson's We Gon Find you would go something like this, "He's climbin in yo' windows snatching your toys up. Hide yo toys, hide yo treats...."

17. Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel dog costume

This brother and sister pair have dressed up together for Halloween.

18. A Boxer and a Dalmatian

Boxer and Dalmatian costume

This white Boxer got Dalmatian spots and this Dalmatian got a pair of trunks and gloves to become a boxer!

19. Sonic the HedgehogSonic the hedgehog boxer dog costume

This boxer dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog. Think he curls into a ball and rolls around collecting treats? We do!

20. Rocker

Rocker Boxer dog costume

This Boxer knows where the party is! 

21. Darth Boxer

Darth Boxer - Darth Vader Dog Costume

We're guessing that this guy is using The Force to get extra treats on Halloween. Update, his name is Beck :)

22. Security Dog

Security Dog Costume

This is the perfect costume for the big dog who is really a teddy bear.

23. Groucho Marx Boxer Costume

Groucho Marx Dog Costume

This Boxer puts a twist on the classic Groucho Marx Glasses

24, 25, 26. Pumpkins!

Pupmkin Boxer Dog Costume

Boxer Dog Pumpkin Costume

Pumpkin Boxer dog Costume

These pumpkins are classic Halloween costumes!

27. Hula Girls

Hula Girls Boxer Dog Costume

These cute girls have their leis and shells ready for the luau.

28. Princess

We say that our Charlotte is a princess, but what cute Boxer girl wouldn't want to dress up as a princess for Halloween?

29. Partier

Halloween Costume for boxers

Time to loosen the tie, let the hair down and begin the Halloween party!

30. Chef Boxer

Chef Boxer Dog Costume

Get out the pot and start making some treats!

31. Leprechaun 

Leperchaun Boxer costume

They're after all me lucky treats!

32. Ballerina 


How cute is this tiny dancer in her ballerina costume?

33. T-Rex Monster boxer costume

We think that Boxer puppies look like little dinosaurs. This boxer really is one!

34. Fairy Fairy Boxer Costume

Unfortunately Lou Dog crossed the rainbow bridge this past year. Last year at Hallowwn they were dressed as a Fairy in a way that only a Boxer can.

35. Costie / Beachcomber 


Some places call them coasties, some call them  beachcombers. We call them cute.

35. Lilly the Boxer dressed as a Lilly

lill boxer dog Costume

Lilly the Boxer dog is dressed as Lilly the flower!

36, 37 Bumble BeeBumble Bee Boxer Dog CostumeBee Boxer Dog Costume

Nothing is scarier to a Boxer dog than a bee, but they sure do make a cute Halloween costume!

38. Unicorn

Unicorn Boxer Costume

Boxers could be mythical creatures, but they're real! Did you know the Unicorn is the official animal of Scotland? 

39. Both teams and a Referee 

Team and referee Boxer dog Costume

Looking for a team costume for your pack of Boxers? How about a member of teach team and the referee? 

40. Clown

Clown Boxer Dog Costume

Clowns are scary. Boxers aren't. This costume works a little too perfectly for this White Boxer though.

41. Dalmatian Dalmatian Boxer Costume

A Dalmatian coat can be a great way to keep warm in late October and makes for an awesome costume.

42. Frankenboxer

Frankenstein Boxer Costume

A simple but cute costume for this Boxer. 

42. Bunny Ballerina 

Boxer Dog Costume

She sure is cute in her bunny ears and tutu.

43. Piggy

Pig Boxer Dog Costume

She is awfully cute as a piggy.

44. Race horse with Jockey

Racehorse with Jocky Boxer Costume

Aaaaaaaaaaaan down they go! 

45. Who's that behind you?

Black Cat Halloween Boxer Dog Costume

We don't know how to tell you this, but there is someone behind you!.

46. Baby Shark

Shark boxer puppy costume

How cute is this Boxer puppy dressed as a shark? I wouldn't be afraid to swim in those waters, would you?

47. Firefighter

Firefighter Boxer Dog Costume

Bonus: Minions!

Minion Dog Costume

So these may not be Boxers, but if you have a pack of Boxer dogs, how cute would a minion group costume be?


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