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October 05, 2015


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What's the difference between a pizzle and bully stick, and what's that smell?

Many people use the terms pizzles, pizzle stick, and bully stick interchangeably, but are they the same? Sometimes. Let's look at the difference between a pizzle and a bully stick.

 What's the difference between a pizzle and a bully stick

Our treat model, Marcel the Frenchie, poses with one of our pizzles that was exceptionally large.

What's a Pizzle?

A pizzle comes from the male cow, the bull. I'll let you use your imagination which part it is. That's our definition of a pizzle, and our pizzles are just that. Dehydrated pizzles. We don't add any curing agents, smoke, or preservatives or use casing in our pizzles. We do remove any fat or unwanted material that wouldn't dehydrated well before putting our pizzles in the dehydrator.

What's a Bully Stick?

If you look at many of the bully sticks you see in stores, you'll notice that they're much more uniform. This is for one of two reasons. They're trimmed to meet specific specifications such as length, size or weight and processed in bulk so they are grouped in very similar sizes. Alternatively they may be more heavily processed so that the final product is much more uniform. Our assumption on the processing method is that they are ground down and packed into a casing similar to a pepperoni stick before being dehydrated. Smoke or other curing agents may also be added.


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What's that smell?

At every show we attend, someone always asks us "Do your pizzles stink?" The answer is no. Our pizzles are 100% beef pizzle. No preservatives, smoke, curing agents or casings added. Our research and testing have told us that the stronger and more processed they are, the stronger the odor.

Are they a healthy treat?

Our beef pizzle is human grade, and some people will eat it! Like any treat, moderation is key. Pizzles can be taken away and given back to your dog so they can last several chewing sessions. If you have a stronger chewer like our Charlotte or York, they will likely eat the whole pizzle in one sitting. If they do, we recommend cutting back on their food at the next meal.

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Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker


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October 06, 2015

@lynne – she sounds just like Charlotte!

Lynne Holden
Lynne Holden

October 06, 2015

Piper loves the pizzles however she make short work of them

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