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19 Dogs helping to create the best of #tongueouttuesday.

September 29, 2015 0 Comments

Every Tuesday, we participate in #TongueOutTuesday - and Instragram hashtag that shows off dogs who hang their tongue out. While our own Bentley and York participate everyday, we like to post on Tuesdays.

York Tongue Out Tuesday

This was the most epic Tongue Out Tuesday pic. Snapped at just the right moment at Pawlooza 2015 near London Ontario.

We love when our follower's participate. Here are some of our favourite #tongueouttuesday pics that have been submitted on our Facebook page. If you want to be in the next Tongue Out Tuesday post, post a Tongue Out Tuesday photo to our Facebook page!

Here is Envy from Nova Scotia. She is actually Bentley's sister from another litter.

Lola Boxer Tongue out tuesday

Lola from Alberta, she is one of York's daughters.

Benny and Twig

Here are Benny and Miss Twig, even though she has no teeth, Twig loves the Treats Happen Duck Feet!

Summer the Greyhounds

Here is our friend Summer on a recent camping trip. She must be trying to get a piece of Beef Lung off the floor! A little bit further, Summer.

Charlotte White Boxer Tongue Out Tuesday

It's very rare for Charlotte to have her tongue out, but we sort of captured a picture. Charlotte says that having her tongue out isn't very lady like. 

Zeus Pug Tongue Out Tuesday

Here is Zeus the Pug doing his York impression. Romeo Boxer doing Tongue Out Tuesday

Romeo the Boxer is doing a mini tongue out.

Keegan Tongue out Tuesday

Stunning photo of Keegans doing tongue out Tuesday. It looks someone just told him a really funny joke!

Ava Boxer of Kaco Boxers tongue out Tuesday

Here is Ava from Kaco Boxers, where our guys are from, doing Tongue Out Tuesday.

Harvey Beagle Tongue Out Tuesday

Harvey, one of the resident dogs of the Animal Rehabilitation Clinic in Toronto joins in on the fun on a nice summer day. 

Bentley Tongue out Tuesday

Here is our Bentley lounging out in the sun. He's licking his chops after some beef liver. Knowing Bentley, he probably took the treat and ate it outside without coming in.

Diesel the Bugg Tongue Out Tuesday

Our friend, Diesel the Bugg can't help but do a little tongue out Tuesday. He goes crazy for our beef treats. He's also the resident dog at the Kennel Cafe!

Boxer Tongue Out Tuesday

Nothing beats chilling with your tongue out on a hot day.

tongue out tuesday asleep

Here is Dixie who fell asleep with their tongue out! Do your dogs ever sleep with their tongues out?

Cortez Tongue Out Tuesday

The ever stunning Cortez poses while something off camera catches their attention.

Keegan Blind Dog Tongue out Tuesday

Here is Keegan giving some love while with their tongue out.

raven tongue out Tuesday

Here is Raven coming up the steps with a tongue out just waiting for some treats! 

One time, our Charlotte, Bentley, and York weren't feeling Tongue Out Tuesday so thankfully Bosco, Titus and Miss Twig came to the rescue! 


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