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10 things only raw feeders understand

10 things only raw feeders understand

June 04, 2016 0 Comments

10 Things only raw feeders understandWhen you first tell your friends you feed raw you usually get reactions and questions like like, wow good for you! I've been thinking about that. How do you do that? Dog's can't eat raw. My vet said raw food is bad for dogs. Can they eat bones?

When you meet another raw feeder you instantly bond over the things that only raw feeders understand.

Watching flyers more closely than a coupon clipper

When you go through hundreds of lbs of meat a year, saving a few cents per lbs goes a long way! Even better is when you score a more energy efficient or bigger freezer on sale.

Raw Dog Food Coupon Clipping

The joy of scoring 100lbs of free meat

Occasionally a hunter, butcher, or supplier will have extra meat and call you up. When they call you can't believe your luck! Time to get the containers ready, it's meal prep day.

Raw meat for dogs

Picking up a little something for yourself

As you start to get to know your meat supplier, you can't help it if a rack of ribs or brisket falls into your basket. Time to fire up the grill.

Charcoal BBQ

Not having to pick up 5 big mushy poops a day

Cleaning up dog poop

One of the biggest benefits to raw feeding is what comes out the other end or lack thereof. Those cleaning supplies? Yeah, you won't be needing all that.

That soft soft fur and glistening coat

Raw Fed Boxer with shinny coat.

One of the biggest signs a dog is raw fed is because of how soft and shiny their coat. It's why our very own Chris York is so soft! That and the treats of course

Owning more than one freezer

We purchased not one but two freezers to hold the food for our dogs. And maybe a little bit of ours, but it's mostly full for the dogs.

Freezer for Raw Dog Food icon

How little a big dog can eat

York, our 75lbs Boxer only eats about 16-20oz of food a day. We know people with smaller dogs who eat much less. How much does your dog eat per day?

Dog eating raw dog food


The joy of getting new equipment.

It doesn't matter if it's a new cleaver, grinder, or giant cutting board. Nothing beats the feeling of new equipment. Of course nothing beats the feeling of cutting through bones with a big old knife.

Meat cleaver for raw dog food

Feeling like a chef

When we're preparing meals, weighing and measuring everything out it feels like you're a Michelin star chef. 

Preparing raw dog food

The satisfying crunch sound

Nothing beats the crunch crunch crunch sound of a dog working their way through a raw meaty bone of a duck foot treat

It's not spoiling them It's feeding them

I can't believe your dog eats better than you do! Is something we've all heard. Feeding your dog raw isn't spoiling them. Dogs don't want corn or biscuits. Dog's want meat! 

 Dog's don't want junk food

Shop treats for your raw fed dog. Click Below.

Treats for Raw Fed Dogs

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