3 Ways to keep your dog happy and calm on moving day. INFOGRAPHIC

September 01, 2015 0 Comments

Moving day can be long and stressful for pets. Here are three tips to make moving day as stress-free for your four-legged family member as possible.

Do your homework

Make sure your new home is pet friendly and get it in writing. According to the Infographic below, moving and landlord issues are the number one reason pets are surrendered to shelters.  Even if your new home is pet friendly, research the building stipulations. Many places only allow pets under a certain weight limit. And check out your neighbours, are they pet friendly as well?

Give them their comforts of home

Do you have a friend, resort, or dog sitter who will care for your dog for a few days? Moving day can be long and tiring for everyone and the last thing you need adding to your stress is worrying about your dog. You don't want them sitting in a moving truck all day, or left at your old home in a crate. You also don't want to worry about them escaping. Why not leave your dog somewhere fun that they look forward to visiting.

A general rule is to leave your dog for at least three days. The day before the move, moving day itself, and the day after while you're unpacking. When we moved our Dolly stayed with my grandparents for a week.

Make moving day a treat

Depending on what motivates your dog, give them their comforts of home while they're gone from you. This could be their dog bed or blanket will comforting smells. If you know it's going to be a long day get them a new toy, or a special treat like a long lasting antler chew or Yeti Cheese. Don't forget to send them with a bag of their favourite treats while someone is looking after them

How do you keep your dog happy on long stressful days like moving day?