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August 18, 2015


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How much sleep does your dog need? INFOGRAPHIC

How much sleep do dogs need each day?

We came across this infographic, originally in Daily Dog Tag, and we had to share it.

Here are some basic guidelines of how much sleep different types of dogs need.

  • Puppies will take more naps. Their bladders simply can't go a full night. A rule of thumb with puppies is that they can last their age in months plus 2 for the number of hours they can sleep. For example, a 9 week old puppy (2months) plus 2 can last about 4 hours between bathroom breaks.

    Make sure you're rewarding them with a high value treat such as dehydrated beef liver for going pee outside!
  • Working dogs will follow a more humanesque sleep pattern because they're with their human during the day and not taking naps. Dogs that are working, like our very own Chris York during a show may nap a little during the day but then sleep more during the night.
  • Active dogs will require more sleep as they have expended more energy. If you've had a long day of hiking, don't be surprised if your dog sleeps very, very well overnight.
  • Older dogs sleep more, particularly during the day. If you had a very active younger dog, it may feel like an extreme change in sleep patterns. 


Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker


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