Dogs and Fireworks: Tips for keeping your dog happy and calm during fireworks

July 01, 2015 0 Comments

Dogs and Fireworks: Tips for keeping your dog happy and calm during fireworks

Dogs and Fireworks Tips

Dogs and fireworks go together about as well as well as brushing your teeth and drinking orange juice. They can't always be avoided, but there are a few things that make dealing with fireworks, and keeping your dog calm that much easier.

Avoid fireworks if you can

This might be easier said than done, but if you're going to the fireworks show and you know your dog doesn't react well, don't bring them with you. If fireworks are happening really close to your home, see about leaving for a couple of hours to make it easier on your friend.

Get your dog used to the sounds

Don't go out and start setting off fireworks in the says leading up to the explosive holiday, but you can find videos online, like the one below, to make sure your dog has heard fireworks before. You can even use the sounds of the fireworks for training by giving them a training treat or their favourite toy when the fireworks go off.

Let them go to their spot

Some dogs have their favourite place to go to be away. It could be their crate, under the bed, or the right side of the couch. If your dog is calm there, and their happy let them be.

Hold them tight

Some dogs calm down dramatically if their held. If you know that this comforts your dog, cuddle up with them and help them get through the fireworks. Many people even swear by the Thundershirt which helps emulate being held tightly and calms them down.

Drown out the sound

If you're at home, turn up your speakers to help drown out the sounds of the fireworks. It won't eliminate the sound completely, but it will help get rid of some of the noise.


What tips and tricks do you have for keeping your dog calm during fireworks?