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Molson aka Mo the retired Grey Hound

Molson is a retired racing greyhound from Daytona Beach Florida, he raced only 78 races but won 11 of those and was doing well in his racing career until he had an catastrophic fall during what would be his last race. Molson, then known as Kiowa Mat Matt, fell in the beginning of the race and was trampled by all the other greyhounds that followed him. Unable to continue his racing career his trainers put him up for adoption so he could begin his new life as a 45mph couch potato!

Since retirement Molson has become a common face at any After the Track Adoption Events, he is an official Greyhound Ambassador and is also working to become a St. Johns Ambulance Therapy Dog. When he isn't out in the community, Molson loves to crunch down on all our dehydrated dog treats, particularly our chicken feet.. 

Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker


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