7 ways you can make a difference with your favourite rescue

May 31, 2015 0 Comments

7 ways you can make a difference with your favourite rescue

When Riley and I started Treats Happen, we wanted to give back to rescues we follow and support, especially Boxer Rescue Ontario. Here are a few ways you can you can join us in supporting these organizations that do so much for animal welfare.

1. Donate some of your dog’s favourite products

The most satisfying note we’ve ever received was from an puppy mill rescue. The dogs in this particular rescue are hesitant to take anything from a person but when she gave out the duck feet the entire kennel was quiet except for the sound of the dogs crunching down on their duck feet. How cool is that? 

If you’re purchasing some of our treats for a rescue, let us know in the notes section. We always add a treat donation on top of orders for rescues.

2. Attend an event

If one of your favourite rescue groups is having an event - go! Not only will you support a great cause you'll have a fun time, and probably meet some like minded people. We went to Bowling for Boxers in support of Boxer Rescue Ontario and had a great time.

3. Volunteer a little bit

Going to an event where one of your favourite rescues will be? Ask if you can help out! It could be doing something as simple as bringing the volunteers a coffee, helping them set up the booth or greeting people and talking to them about your breed. Or you might be asked to help out with the dogs by walking or playing with them. 

4. Volunteer a moderate amount

Many rescues are desperate for help with transportation. Volunteering as a driver can actually save a dog’s life.If you have office, organizational or other specialized skills like marketing, fund raising or public relations, the rescue group would love to put them to good use. 

5. Volunteer a lot

Rescues are always looking for foster homes. It’s a big commitment, but fostering means that a homeless dog gets to wait for their furever home in a warm, loving, social environment. Depending on your schedule you may also look to join a rescue as a full time volunteer or director.

6. Make a product and sell it

If you are crafty and make your own dog collars, tags, treats or embroidered items, why not sell them and donate a percentage of the proceeds to a local rescue? Or simply donate the product itself the next time your favourite rescue is holding an auction. 

If you don’t have a pet product, perhaps you can donate something you've made for a fundraising auction or sale.


7. Donate


Rescues always need money, but that’s not all you can donate. Rescues are always looking for toys, food, beds, blankets. Ask your favourite rescue what they need. You can also donate by shopping. Because giving back is one of our core values, we donate a portion of each sale, typically 5-10%, make treat donations, and feature dogs that are looking for their furever homes. We also have a rescue partner program which you can ask us about for your rescue.

How else can you make a difference for a rescue group?