Best moments from the Canadian Pet Expo

April 12, 2015 0 Comments

Over Easter weekend we did our first show right here in Toronto - the Canadian Pet Expo. We had been before as patrons but our experience was a little bit different being a vendor. There were many great moments, here are some of our favourites from the weekend.

Connecting with everyone we'd met on Instragram

We love Instagram (hint - we'd love the follow) and we couldn't believe how many of our Instagram friends we were able to finally meet in person. We made sure to hook up any of our Instafriends with a bit extra when they purchased from us.

Meeting so many new people

Riley and I are exclusively dog people, and between you and me, Riley is actually quite scared of snakes. One of the coolest things we did was head over to the reptile rescue and Riley actually touched a snake. I had no idea that they were as smooth and not slimey at all. We also learned the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. If you're wondering tortoise's hang their hat on land and turtles live in the water.

Converting picky eaters

On more than a few occasions people told us that their dogs were picky eaters or that they were so wigged out by all the people, lights, and sounds that they weren't really into treats that day. Then they tried ours. If you had a picky eater, try our beef liver. It converted more than a few dogs who supposedly didn't like treats.

Meeting other vendors

We weren't sure at if the other vendors would welcome the new kids on the block but they couldn't have been friendlier. Our neighbours Bottleworx, Oscar and Mollie, and Sebastian and Company Saddles and Collars were both big hits and great to be near. Countless other vendors came to welcome us and compliment us on our booth. We also met a number of others we can potentially partner with in the future.

Enthusiastic pet owners

The great thing about the Canadian Pet Expo is that everyone who comes loves their pet. Regardless if they're a dog, cat, or reptile person the one thing we all have in common is our love of our pets. We loved people who would come into our booth and let us meet their pet, show us photos or just told us stories. We love being a way that anyone can show off their pet.

Bonus: Everything we missed out own

We were really excited in the days leading up to the show thinking that we would be able to catch some of the awesome activities like Dock Diving, Nerf Dogs, and Hero the Super Collie. We hope that even though we couldn't catch some of the action you were able to. What were your favourite events?