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March 18, 2015


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March 19, 2010 a greyhound was born. He became known as WW G Adventures and was born to race in Wheeling, West Virginia.  His first race was September 4, 2011 and he ran 88 races, only winning a total of 12. Not the best record. Fast forward to July 20, 2013, his final race. The next day he officially retired.  His new name as a retired racer became Gee.  Less than two weeks later he made the trip to Ontario to begin a new life.  On August 5, 2013 he met his new potential family, the Colero’s, Jason, Lisa and Cedar (a 10 year old golden retriever). The group went for a quick walk to get to know each other including a good sniff between Cedar and Gee. Gee decided he wanted to get to know the humans a little better so he jumped up, using his massive thighs, put his front paws on Jason’s shoulders, sniffed him and decided he liked this guy and gave a big kiss on the mouth. That was all it took, he had a new family!
Two weeks later Gee made the trip to his retirement home in Mississauga with the Coleros. This place was like nothing he’d ever seen before.  What were these stairs he had to go up and down to get around in his new home, what was that four legged animal with the long tail, that meowed and hissed at him and what was that beautiful soft bed these humans called “the couch”? Everything was new and even though it seemed like the Coleros knew what they were doing it took some time for them all to figure each other out. This sweet dog had delicate skin and unfortunately was pretty clumsy. Stairs did not agree with him. He would trip up and down them. He’d run around in the backyard (way smaller than the track he was used to) and full of all sorts of obstacles. Cuts and scrapes became the new normal for him. Gee was turning into quite a stunt man and it became a stressful time and the Colero’s wondered if they were the right family for Gee. 

Gee enjoying his dehydrated duck foot 
He also had a very sensitive stomach and was on medication while the Colero’s struggled to find the right food for him.  They only wanted Gee to be happy no matter what that meant. With the help of After the Track Greyhound Adoption, Jason and Lisa learned some more things about Gee and the nature of greyhounds. They discovered that not every scrape was an emergency and they quickly learned some tips to fix him up at home! They were given suggestions on food that worked perfectly!   In particular, the helpful people at After the Track reassured them that Gee was a normal greyhound and they were being great parents. The Coleros came to realize Gee was the perfect dog for them.  He quickly became the sweetest dog. Didn’t bark, didn’t bite, loved to play, loved to learn and just wanted to be loved. It may have been a rocky start but everyone knew they were meant to be. All Gee had to do was look at Lisa and Jason and they knew whatever he wanted they would give him. 
Now Gee has anything he could ever wish for.  Everywhere he turns there’s a stuffy to play with (and occasionally a live cat - depending on the cat’s mood).  A soft bed in every room, plus the couch and of course a king-sized bed he shares with Jason and Lisa.  Daily walks and love and kisses all the time!  And of course, treats! Gee loves his treats. Knowing he has a sensitive stomach, Jason and Lisa always try to find healthy treats for Gee and Treats Happen have been the best thing for him.
He still likes to see his greyhound buddies and luckily has many opportunities. He helps After the Track promote what wonderful companions retired racers can be. Just give him something soft to lay on and he’ll show how low maintenance these guys can be! There’s a reason they call them 45 mph couch potatoes!

Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker


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