We Need Your Help!

January 25, 2015 0 Comments

What Should We Name our Collections?

Bentley and Charlotte are having some brain cramps and need your help. We have our small medium and large collections of treats, but we need your help naming them!

Small Collection

Get started with by picking one of three combinations of our most popular treats. It's a great starter collection and loved by dogs of all sizes. 

Medium Collection

Our most popular and highly reviewed, comes with 60 dehydrated Canadian duck feet and 200g of dehydrated Canadian Beef Lung. It's great for bigger dogs who love duck feet or for multi dog house holds. 

Large Collection

Great for people who really love their dog, have multiple large dogs, or want to share with their friends. The large collection comes with 85 dehydrated Canadian duck feet, 300g of dehydrated Canadian beef lung and 300g dehydrated Canadian beef liver. It was also our featured dogs naturally contest package.

What should we name our collections? Tell us in the comments below.