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8 foods on your dog's naughty list

December 08, 2014 0 Comments

Maybe you plan to bring your dog to a family members house or perhaps a dog will be visiting you over the holidays. At this time of year some food items harmful to dogs are more plentiful and easily available so a little extra vigilance will go a long way to keeping your dog safe and healthy during the festive – and feasting -- season


chocolate bad for dogs

1. Chocolate

Chocolate Santas and little-booze filled chocolates are tasty treats for you, but can be life-threatening to your four-legged friend. Why is chocolate bad for dogs? It contains methylxanthine, a chemical compound that can be toxic in fairly small doses. It's particularly potent in baking chocolate. Instead of snacking on a potentially hazard human treat, get them a tasty and safe treat

alcohol bad for dog

2. Christmas Sprits (alcohol)

It might seem funny to give your dog a pint of beer or a shot of booze but his liver just isn’t made to process alcohol. Alcohol may also contain ingredients, like chocolate or avocado pits, that can cause a very bad reaction.


cooked bones bad for dog

3. Cooked Bones


Raw, meaty bones are an integral part of a raw diet, but cooked bones are a different story. Cooked bones can splinter, and then scrape, cut, or perforate your dogs digestive track. Never give your dog a cooked turkey bone.

avacado toxic bad for dogs

4. Avocado

Avocado may not seem like a traditional Christmas food, but people often serve guacamole at get togethers. Avocados contain persin which can lead to stool problems (either runny or not happening at all) and even death in severe cases. 


Garlic and onions toxic bad for dogs

5. Garlic and Onions

Garlic, onions, or chives, often found in turkey stuffing, can bring on serious illness with a delayed onset.


grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs

6. Grapes and Raisins

Raisins are toxic to your dog. They're very hard on his kidneys which can amplify existing health conditions. Instead of giving your dog dehydrated grapes, give him dehydrated treats from Treats Happen!.

7. Salt

Salt is dangerous because it is often hidden in human food in high volumes. Turkeys can be brined and processed foods can be filled with salt. Not to mention all the salty snacks and nuts left out on easyto- reach coffee tables. Excess salt in dogs can lead to a number symptoms.



8. Macadema Nuts

Our house is nut free, due to human allergies, but dogs don't react well to nuts, either. Particularly macadamia nuts. While the exact chemical in macademias that causes dogs to have a bad reaction is unknown, best to keep them out of your dogs reach.



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