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Max - Available from Boxer Rescue Ontario

December 03, 2014 0 Comments

Every 10th Dog of The Day will feature a dog that is available from a rescue group. Until the end of March 2015, we're partnering with Boxer Rescue Ontario to share some of the beautiful dogs that are available. Our first dog is Max, a beautiful senior.


Name:  Max

Age:  9 years old

Sex:  Male, neutered

Dogs:  Yes

Cats:  Yes 

Kids:  10 and up (not tested with younger)

Housebroken:  Yes

Crate:  Yes, but can be trusted loose as well

Location:  Mitchell, ON

Fee:  $250.00

Max is described by his foster mom as a "perfect gentleman".  Whether he is on a walk or getting a bath, he is very well behaved.  He is reserved with people when he first meets them but quickly warms up and he especially loves males.  There is room in his heart however for everyone in the home.  He wants to please and be loved.  

Max gets along very well with his foster boxer brother and they know their manners in the house and have their fun outside.  Max was reported to be a bit possessive of his toys but he hasn't shown this behaviour while with BRO but his foster brother is respectful and doesn't try to steal.  

Max is a smart boy and learns commands very quickly simply by watching his foster brother.  Max has no issues with grooming and is patient and appreciative of any attention given.  Max is also teaching his people new tricks such as when he is hungry and bashes his bowl around, his people know he is hungry.  

Max does not believe you when you tell him he is 9 years old.  He is youthful and loves his toys and has a knack of making you laugh even when you are having a bad day.  He is a big furry ball of love wanting only to share his love and affection with his furever family.  

If this classy clown sounds like the right, bright addition to your home, please feel free to complete our online application.  Max is ready to share his love and antics.


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