Oscar aka Ox. #DogOfTheDay

November 16, 2014 0 Comments

Today's #DogOfTheDay is from of Reddit User "BonerSmoke. Oscar is a fawn Boxer from the USA

He's 9 1/2 year old flashy fawn, enjoying his retirement. He was born in Oklahoma but luckily made his way down to Florida.


Besides the obvious spastic boxer activities, he likes to chill under his orange trees in the yard, shred amazon.com boxes, go to the dog beach (even though he sinks), and torment his dachshund sister. He has a few nicknames: pigmoose, moose, goblin and block head. His favorite treats are dried animal parts, he's looking forward to trying dried Canadian animal parts. He may be part Canadian already, he likes watching Corner Gas, Oscar being his favorite character obviously.


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