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Charlotte. #DogOfTheDay

Charlotte is our second boxer, also from Kaco Boxers in Ontario, but from different parents then Bentley. Her parents are Chris York, and Napoli.


Like her brother, I was fortunate enough to ask Charlotte a few questions. 


Lucas: Charlotte, you have a lot of nick names, where do they all come from?

Charlotte: They come from my Ma and my Pa?


Lucas: You mean York and Napoli?

Charlotte: I don’t. Riley and Lucas are my two legged Ma and Pa. Napoli is my mom and Chris York is my dad.


Lucas: When did you come home to your Ma and Pa?

Charlotte: I was a Christmas baby, I came home on December 15th with Ma, Pa, and my Brother Quinn. I surprised my Gramma Paula. She was worried that I'd be trouble, but once she picked me up I became her favourite.


Lucas: I should have known that being you’re Pa and all.

Charlotte: You’re right, you should have Pa. Don’t let it happen again, OK pa?


Lucas: Ok Charlotte. What other nicknames do you have?

Charlotte: Pa, you know them!


Lucas: I know, but maybe you could share them?

Charlotte: That’s a good idea, Pa!

I have a lot of nick names

Char Char Binks

Lady Char Char

Baby Char Char

Plop Doggie


Charlotte Char Char Lemander Binks McPlop


My favourite is Baby Char Char even though I’m not a baby any more, so you can also call me Lady Char Char.


Lucas: That’s a lot of nicknames!

Charlotte: It is


Lucas: Your brother is awfully fond of his Gramma J, and her riddles. Do you like your Grandma J’s riddles?

Charlotte: Her name is Mimi, and her riddles are too hard for me. My brother says he’s the boss, but he’s only the boss of his riddles.


Lucas: What’s your favourite treat?

Charlotte: I love my Mimi’s pies. I’m not supposed to have them, but once I got up on the table and licked some pie. Mimi says I should get a job at the pie factory licking all the pies.


Lucas: What about the treats that Ma and Pa make?

Charlotte: I like the duck feet. I get so mad when my brother tries to steal them from me!!


Have any questions for Charlotte? Submit them below and she’ll answer them soon!

Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker


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November 30, 2016

It’s in the char char chow!


April 13, 2015

Char Char.. I asked you..WHERE’S THE BEEF??


February 08, 2015

Char Char, Where’s the Beef?

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