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Bentley. The Boss. #DogOfTheDay

Bentley Di Kaco, the son of Kaiser and Elena came home to Riley and Lucas in September 2013. Bentley is a purebred Euro Boxer (stockier and with a bigger head than an American Boxer). 

Bentley's made it clear that like his idol, Bruce Springsteen, that he is also The Boss. Bentley is smart as a whip and is rarely stumped by any riddles from his Grandma J.


Ask Bentley Anything

  1. You often remind Lucas and Riley that you're The Boss. How did you become the boss?
    Bentley: Is I is The Boss, is you askin' about becoming The Boss, is you ain't have what it takes to be The Boss. Is I is the Boss, is Bruce Springsteen The Boss, is Tony Danza The Boss. Is you ain't The Boss.

  2. You say "is you/I is" and "is you/I ain't" a lot. Where did that come from?
    Is it is come from my Gramma J, is she is ask me one time, "Bentley, is you is or is you ain't The Boss?" Is I is answer "Is I Is the Boss Gramma J!" Since then is I is talk like this.

  3. Who is Gramma J?
    Is she is Pa (Lucas)'s ma Elizabeth J Duncan. Is she is the best writer in the world. Is you is going to go buy her books. Is she is give me riddles. Is I is pass them onto you.

  4. What's your favourite treat?
    One time is I is get on the counter and eat a French Stick. Is ma and pa mad, is I is just wanted a sammich. Is I ain't allowed sammiches, is I is like beef lung and like taking Charlotte's duck feet.

  5. What happens when you get French Stick off the counter?
    Is Ma is gets mad at me. Is she ain't stay mad for too long though, is she is loves me, is I is love her. Is Ma is the best

  6. Other than treats what do you like?
    Is I is love massages from my Grandma Paula. Is she is gives the best massages. Is look how relaxed I look! 

Got any questions for Bentley? Leave them in the comments below and he'll get back to you shortly.


Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker


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