10 Pumpkins you Wish you Carved

October 18, 2017 0 Comments

10 Pumpkins you Wish you Carved

Halloween is around the corner, here are some awesome carved dog pumpkins to inspire you. 

1) Greyhound

What a greyt job on this carving. The Greyhound pumpkin is know to be fast, intelligent and quiet. 

2) Boston Terrier

Who doesn't love Boston Terriers.  The Boston Terrier pumpkin is known to spunky, dapper and loyal.

3) Saint Bernard

We bet they needed a huge pumpkin for this carving.  The Saint Bernard pumpkin is known to cheerful, devoted and Strong.

4)  French Bulldog

From a big pumpkin to a little pumpkin. The French Bulldog carving maybe small but it is know to be alert, lively, and affectionate.

5)  Husky

You better have stamina to carve this pumpkin.  The Husky pumpkin is know to be, clever, outgoing and have amazing endurance.


6) Labrador Retriever

We bet this pumpkin carving involved lots of snacks as it was completed. The Labrador Retriever pumpkin is known to cheerful, lovable and bouncy.

7) Pug

Do you want your pumpkin carving licked or not licked. The Pug pumpkin is know to comical, playful and a wee bit gassy.

8) Boxer  

You better hold on to your tools tight when carving this pumpkin. The Boxer pumpkin is know to clownish, energetic and loyal.  


9) Corgi

They probably needed a low table to carve this pumpkin. The corgi pumpkin is know to be tenacious, bold and outgoing.

10)  Bulldog

You need some serious strength to carve this one. The bulldog pumpkin is know to persistence, stubborn and sweet.

Let see your best animal pumpkin carvings for halloween.

Image Credit: Pinterest