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April 08, 2016

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Switching to TreatsHappen.com and TreatsHappen.ca

Something that we've been planning for a few months now is splitting into TreatsHappen.com for our American customers and TreatsHappen.ca for our Canadian customers.

Different logistics planning

As we grow we are facing different challenges with fulfilment. The cost to send each order from Toronto to the USA is very high, we are lucky to break even on some orders. We will be using a fulfilment center in the USA that can help get orders out quicker and at better prices for everyone. This fulfilment center will be connected to TreatsHappen.com

If we use another fulfilment center here in Canada, they will be connected to our Treatshappen.ca orders. There are few that have locations in both, and that we're confident to be able to fulfil our orders.

Better Pinterest Presence

Something we've wanted to do for a long time now is Buyable pins on Pinterest. This is only available when your store sells in USD. Being a Canadian company, and for our first year most of our customers have been Canadian so it didn't make sense to have a store in USD. Unfortunately our platform doesn't allow both, so we are switching TreatsHappen.com into our USD based store and TreatsHappen.ca into our Canadian store.

We've grown significantly in the United States

Having launched and done a number of trade shows and events around Toronto, we've gotten to know many of our customers here in Toronto. When you make the best dog treats, word spreads and we've seen more orders coming in from the USA than Canada recently. We want to make sure that Treatshappen.ca reflects our Canadian roots and products, and allow us to grow our American presence and products, possibly even sourcing and manufacturing some products locally in each country.

How will it work?

Treatshappen.com will continue to be our main hub, hosting out blog, pages, and email addresses. Our US customers will continue to shop on Treatshappen.com and our Canadian customers will shop on treatshappen.ca

Lucas Walker
Lucas Walker


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Nancy Wing
Nancy Wing

April 10, 2016

CONGRATS!!! Brings a huge smile to my face.

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